As we journey through life we happen to stumble upon treasures that stop us straight in our tracks. We pause to revel in the astounding beauty of these objects unique in their creation.

Purab Paschim’s ‘Royal Rebel’ Jewellery Collection is one such line that not only transported us to the grandeur and splendour of the Mughal courts but also injected a sense of the present into each design. Ankit Khullar makes the modern day bride a muse for this collection to exhibit the character of thought and precision of design. Delicately balancing the contemporary impression with the old world charm isn’t as easy as it looks but this line has managed to strike that perfect equilibrium making each ornament exquisitely unique.

Handcrafted elegance, blended with Swarovski crystals and pearls feature in the line making the collection an elusive one. Bride or not each piece as opulent as it looks if styled correctly can make for a stunning centre stage to any outfit.

The label retails from:-

Their flagship store, D 19 Defence Colony New Delhi.

They supply to Ogaan, Evoluzione and retail online from Pernias Pop Up Shop.

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