Perfume is the most intense form of memory; to each his or her own scent. Ever wondered about the art of perfumery as a niche craft and not a mere mechanized process? Isak perfumery is one such brand dedicated to artisanal Indian perfumes that have stayed true to their age old legacy with respect to the craft, but have sustained in today’s times with their modern outlook that emphasizes on original scents that you’d not merely wear, but would want to live in.

Based out of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, the ethos of Isak lies within its people who are proud connoisseurs of a perfume legacy as old as a hundred and sixty years across six generations. The name Isak , ( derived from the hindi word Ishq) rightly holds testimony to their love for the craft of hand-blended artisanal perfumes formulated from the rarest of hand-picked ingredients.

Across a range of 9 unique hand-blended perfumes that include 7 gender-fluid scents (yes, you read that right!) and one each for him and her, the scents range from musky notes in the Edge of Dreams and cosmic Dance; playful notes of the Bon Bon or to softer , laid-back floral scents like the Dew of life and Love Song. With the names as sinfully sounding as the uniquely curated smells that are all handmade, ethically tested and made with a sustainable approach, you can take your pick from a plethora of scents that would surely tickle your senses.

Confused as to what best to buy that mirrors your personality? Isak also offers perfume customization and a sampler kit on their website that allows you to smell all their scents before you settle for the one that defines you the best!
Here’s hoping that the label’s rich heritage blended with its contemporary outlook on perfumes excites you to dwell further into their story and sample their array of scents today!

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