Couture week is all about paying attention to detail and enjoying the finer things in life. It was a prestigious week with the stalwarts of the industry presenting to us the grandest of designs. The week was all about drama and special effects of the show that made the larger than life outfits stand apart.

The entire week revolved around opulence and grandeur. From Rohit Bal’s “Shahaan e Khaas’s” Kashmiri embroidered voluminous ivory beauties to Manish Malhotra’s  grand finale titled “Sensual Affair” it was a whirlwind week with intricately embroidered outfits. Zardozi, Parsi gara and Dori work all painstakingly interwoven with the ensembles presented an amalgamation of exquisite designs that were a heady mix of Indian and contemporary.

Velvets and Intricate Embroidery had a special place at this Couture Week with Rohit Bal, Manav Gangwani and Anju Modi showing designs with these fabrics and details as seen below

Rohit Bal


Manav Gangwani


Anita Dongre


Florals and Pastels –  Anju Modi, Rahul Mishra and Varun Bahl’s collections saw a common trend of florals and pastel hues with their collections. It added a lightness and effortlessness to the ensembles which brought about some respite from the deep colors we got to see otherwise.

Anju Modi


Rahul Mishra

Varun Bahl



Silver Lining -What tied Gaurav Gupta, Monisha Jaising and Manish Malhotra together at the India Couture Week this year? Well, it was the Silver thread of course. Silver played hero at all their collections and the sartorial Silver Lining’ was well, not a lining but a major chunk of their collection. From detailing to full blown outfits the models shimmered and shined down the runway. It was instant love considering our personal fondness for anything that glimmers.

Gaurav Gupta 


Monisha Jaising 



Manish Malhotra 

Be sure to see the upcoming season flecked with these trends. They might not be as elaborate or opulent but some versions of these looks will creep into your style and it will be courtesy of Couture Week’17. You heard it here first!

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