As you get dressed every morning before you step out the door, did you ever happen to ponder over the saying “We are what we wear”? Thanks to labels like ‘Pause’, style and sustainability can co-exist. Everyday fashion gets an interesting take while keeping designers Neha Tham and Neha Modi’s brand vision intact. Offering totally wearable threads which are ethically made and are classics and unique at the same time.

The label fuses street wear aesthetics with luxury resulting in clothes that are laid back and simultaneously fun. Set in earthy tones the designs are made with airy, soft all natural fabrics. This sustainable label feels comfortingly familiar. Between the vintage wash dresses, draw string pants and bohemic tunics it’s hard to tell what makes this collection so special.  If you’re in the market for everyday wear with an edge, ‘Pause’ is the place to go!

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Take a minute to PAUSE and shop!

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