The rise of the modern Indian woman has imprinted onto the Indian fashion scene effortlessly. Adding to the landscape of brands that celebrate the essence of what it means to be a woman in today’s world, Aavidi breathes life into the concept of clothing that personifies that dynamic.

Aavidi, the brainchild of designer Dimple Bhatia, is a brand with its base firmly rooted in minimalism. Expect to find a collection of Indian staples reimagined for everyday wear in a palette of muted tones and earthy hues. Crafting an amalgamation of the Indian notion of elegance with the contemporary need for ease and hassle-free wear is no easy task, but it is one that Aavidi pulls off with élan. In kurtas, kaftans, jackets, and dresses, Aavidi makes no mistake in converting traditional handwoven fabrics into creations that speak of sophistication.

While repeating Indian motifs and ditsy florals find their way onto Aavidi’s garments, stripes and polka dots also make their presence felt, creating a true juxtaposition of India meets world. With every garment starting from the designer’s idea, translating onto handwoven fabric and being constructed to perfection by craftsmen and tailors, Aavidi is truly a brand for the modern Indian woman’s wardrobe.

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