Describing in words our love for handbags has been extensive and often elaborate. The obsession that we nurture isn’t extended to any and every bag that we come across, it’s a finicky and often very picky hobby. Quality and finish is paramount when it comes to us actually wanting to own the piece or even tell others about it. So if you hear about a particular bag here, be sure your in for the best.

The sister co-founder duo of Manu Atelier having grown up experiencing their fathers handcrafted leathers are passionate about their craft. What they put out there in terms of designs and craftsmanship is reflective of their childhood that combines the old world charm with the new in a seamlessly brilliant way.

Convenient and practical shapes make these bags an appealing addition to your collection. Shoulder bags, backpacks and bags with metal chains make day to night transitions easy.

Manu Atelier Two-Tone Leather & Suede Shoulder Bag


Manu Atelier Micro Leather Shoulder Bag


Manu Atelier Demi Leather Shoulder Bag


Manu Atelier Leather Shoulder Bag


Manu Atelier Fernweh Mini Suede Backpack

Manu Atelier Fernweh Micro Tote Bag


Manu Atelier Mini Pristine Tote

What more do you want. Quality blended perfectly with easy glam and eye catching fusion of leathers that isn’t heavy on your pocket is what we appreciate and propagate.

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