We all have heard of sheet masks for the face. What if we tell you that this quick and effective pampering is available for your mane? That’s right!! Sheet masks for your hair is a thing and we aren’t complaining.

There are a long list of reasons why we love this ingenious beauty product. Mess free, portable, easy to use and affordable!! There is no excuse for not getting obsessed. Not only do these masks for hair come in different lengths, they have different properties to tackle your worst hair concerns.The products boast repairing hair damage, imparting shine and tame unruly hair and even provide nourishment.

Apply the mask to towel dried shampooed hair, let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse off with luke warm water and be ready for salon results.

Kocostar Hair Mask

Masqueology Hair Mask


Before you know it we feel the hair masks are gonna invade the beauty industry and for you all…you know you heard it here first!!

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